Interior design addresses elements such as comfort, mood and morale. All key elements to the well-being of your staff.  Increasing employee comfort and morale, leads to increased productivity, happier workers and a better workplace environment.

However, office design encompasses a lot more than just rearranging office furniture or touching up a bit of paint work in the reception area.

No matter if your company is moving, expanding or looking to make your current working environment more comfortable and efficient, we can help.

We look at the minute detail, we take into account that natural lighting affects productivity. We know that an office colour scheme can affect staff morale.


“Ergonomics is the means of providing an enabling environment that best facilitates employees’ performance and general productivity”.

We know that leading companies all now incorporate ergonomics into their businesses resulting in improved output, quality, employee engagement and reducing ergonomic risks. In effect, companies have found that changing their office design can create a considerable increase in employee efficiency.

CSB Workplace are experts in Interior Office Design and Furniture Provision.

We can help you to create the ideal office space, and one that will work for you, your business and of course your staff.

Our office design specialists help with:

Office space planning, we have expertise in building regulations, codes and sustainable design. We analyse your current environment (or new environment, if you are moving) and look to optimise the flow, space and furniture.

Not forgetting it is essential to understand staffing policies and numbers, to analyse the way they move around the workplace, their needs and desires.

We will help you to integrate new furniture or we can help with existing furniture, and create efficient workspaces that are a delight to work in.

In every project, we will assign a senior Project Manager, who will liaise with key personnel, to ensure that all the required needs are met.

Provision of new office furniture, where we work with national and local office furniture companies which allows us to provide an array of styles and price points. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to furnish a large office space, or a small private office, we have the perfect solution, in terms of design, special planning and ergonomics.










Office Design